Campus Postal Services Serving Kennesaw State University.

Kennesaw State University’s Campus Postal services provides the University with convenient access to mailing services. In addition to processing and distributing interoffice as well as all incoming and outgoing mail for the university, we provide United States Postal Service express mail, priority mail, and tracking services.

The goal of Campus Postal Services is to provide recipients and senders of mail and packages with the best service possible. Campus Postal Services offers a variety of in-house services: to serve the Kennesaw State University community.

  • Mail Delivery

     Mail Delivery

    Incoming mail is picked up from the Kennesaw Post Office at approximately 9:00 AM, daily, and is sorted, and delivered to campus department’s mail rooms in their respective buildings, Monday through Friday.

    Outgoing mail is delivered to the Kennesaw Post Office no later than 3:30 PM by Kennesaw State University Postal Services Department, Monday through Friday.

  • Mail types

     Mail Types

    Letters requiring minimum First Class postage need not be sealed, and should not be nested. Letters with three or more pages, and letters not requiring postage to be affixed by the University must be sealed. Contents of the envelope must be properly folded and inserted so that it does not extend out of the envelope. If this procedure is not followed, the postage machine will tear the envelope and the contents.

    All envelopes larger than a letter size MUST be sealed by the University department. Certified mail should be marked clearly.

  • Personal Mail

     Personal Mail

    The University will not pay postage for personal mail. Personal mail dropped at the mail center without postage will be returned to sender for proper postage to be affixed or will be sent out postage due to addressee.

    The postal services department is “only” allowed to deliver Kennesaw State University business related mail/parcels to all faculty and staff. If a personal package is received, a notification email will be sent to make arrangements for pickup at the mail center. Personal mail will not be delivered, however returned back to the sender.

  • Mail Distribution

     Mail Distribution

    Zip Codes must be used on all mail. (The National Directory of Zip Codes may be searched via the USPS website, Look Up a Zip Code.
  •  List management

    Departments wanting to mail information on campus using the official University mail lists may do so by contacting Campus Postal Services.
  •  Folding and stuffing

    Campus Postal Services can fold and stuff your mail pieces for distribution. Contact us today!